Honours Board

Spring Cup

Year Venue Winner
2016 Donnington Grove David Watson
2015 The Wiltshire Donald Barnes
2014 Upavon Clive Snashall
2013 West Berks Allen Brown
2012 Tidworth Dave Povey
2011 The Gloucester Attilio Cristina
2010 West Berks Peter Keen
2009 Cleeve Hill Margaret Tyack
2008 Naunton Downs Graham Cook
2007 Upavon Graham Cook
2006 Erlestoke David Fletcher
2005 Carswell Martyn ‘Barney’ Barnes
2004 Not competed for
2003 Monmouth Graham Cook
2002 Bowood Andrew Hunter
2001 Hinksey Heights Gordon Shirreffs
2000 Lyneham James Sheppard
1999 Donnington Grove Martyn ‘Barney’ Barnes
1998 Erlestoke Vince Fairlamb
1997 Erlstoke Paul Wordley
1996 Wooton Basset David Watson
1995 Not competed for


Midsummer Open

Year Venue Winner
2016 Michinhampton Carl (Keith’s Mate!)
2015 Newbury & Crookham Clive Snashall
2014 Erlestoke David “Doc” Watson
2013 North Wilts Simon “Barty” Bartholomew
2012 Cleeve Hill Roger Tyack
2011 The Bristol Roger Tyack
2010 Cotswold Edge Anne Cook
2009 Froome Tim Barnes
2008 The Wychwood Richard Bungey
2007 The Wiltshire Richard Bungey
2006 Cleeve Hill Richard Bungey
2005 Monmouth Jo Tyack
2004 Monmouth Jo Tyack
2003 Erlstoke Pete Keen
2002 Test Valley David “Doc” Watson
2001 West Berks Donald Barnes
2000 Cleeve Cloud Martyn ‘Barney’ Barnes
1999 Erlestoke Sands Matthew ‘Trigger’ Philips
1998 The Wiltshire Steve Whitaker
1997 Ogbourne Downs Pete Keen
1996 Marlborough Vic Smith
1995 Ogbourne Downs Andrew Hunter

Society Shield

Year Venue Winner
2016 Sandford Springs Nick Bowley
2015 Sandford Springs Ian Wright
2014 Sandford Springs Allen Brown
2013 Sandford Springs David “Doc” Watson
2012 High Post Clive Penny
2011 The Kendelshire Peter Keen
2010 The Kendelshire Roger Tyack
2009 The Park Graham Cook
2008 Cumberwell Park Dave Fletcher
2007 Cumberwell Park Clive Penny
2006 Cumberwell Park Roger Tyack
2005 North Wilts Margaret Tyack
2004 Chipping Norton Peter Keen
2003 North Wilts Margaret Tyack
2002 Cirencester Roger Tyack
2001 Burford Gordon Shirreffs
2000 Tracy Park Peter Keen
1999 Wrag Barn Vic Smith
1998 Bowood Stuart Skelsey
1997 Ogbourne Downs Peter Keen
1996 Erlstoke Steve Whitaker
1995 Not competed for


Autumn Masters

Year Venue Winner
2016 Ogbourne Downs Keith D’Arcy Ryan
2015 West Berks Richard Simpson
2014 Donnington Valley David Newham
2013 Wrag Barn David “Doc” Watson
2012 Clevedon Pete Keen
2011 Not competed for
2010 Broome Manor Richard Bungey
2009 Shrivenham Andrew Hunter
2008 Cumberwell Park David Fletcher
2007 Forest of Dean Graham Cook
2006 Dummer Peter Cotterill
2005 Landsdown Tony Keyes
2004 Thornbury Tony Keyes
2003 Thornbury Margaret Tyack
2002 The Wiltshire Stuart Skelsey
2001 Tracy Park Stuart Skelsey
2000 Drayton Park Simon Keen
1999 Hadden Hill Peter Keen
1998 Donnington Grove Peter Keen
1997 Hadden Hill Jilly Hunter
1996 Donnington Valley David “Doc” Watson
1995 Erlestoke Sands Anne Ramsell-Smith