The 2016 Dabchick Golf Season

By Doc

Happy New Year.

I imagine you all got nice shiny new diaries with a little pencil for Christmas. No? Maybe a Filofax? Or perhaps one of those new-fangled computers or even a clever-phone to keep your appointments in. In any event, get your pencil/keyboard/finger at the ready to make a note of this year’s fixtures.

Spring Warm-up, Ogbourne Downs GC – Sunday 3 April, first tee-time 1:00 pm
Spring Cup, Donnington Grove GC – Sunday 15 May, first tee-time 1:00 pm
Midsummer Open, Minchinhampton GC – Sunday 19 June, first tee-time 3:00 pm
Society Shield, Sandford Springs GC – Friday 5 August, breakfast 8:30 am
Autumn Masters, North Wilts GC – Friday 16 September, first tee-time 1:00 pm
Finals Day, Wrag Barn GC – Friday 7 October, first tee-time 12:30 pm
Christmas Cracker, Ogbourne Downs GC – Friday 9 December, first tee-time 11:30 am

You will notice the addition of Minchinhampton, one of the Premier clubs in the South West and an Open Qualifying Venue. This follows on from the successful day at Newbury & Crookham last year, by agreeing to play a little later in the afternoon I have managed to get their Green Fee down from £60 to £33 including prizes.

You will also notice that Finals day is on Friday 7 October – unlike in previous years, this date is not a basis for negotiation, it is booked so if you qualify you will have to be available on that day to take your place in the Club Championship. As always, anyone can play on the day as well as the qualifiers.

In previous years, we have charged £10 annual subs, this primarily covers the cost of the qualifier’s green fees on Finals Day. As this has proven difficult to administer, I will inflate the cost of each event by £3 and once you have played in three matches or more, you will get £3 deducted from the published rate – obviously the Honorary Members will receive that discount on all events.

Online booking is now open for the entire year…

That’s it for now.

Looking forward to seeing you all over the course of the year.