AGM Minutes 2002

By Doc

Minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday 26th February 2002 at The Blue Boar Public House, Aldbourne

Financial Position
Andrew opened the meeting and gave a review of the accounts. The accounts had been audited and approved by Mark and Stuart. It was explained that turnover was higher due to rising costs at golf clubs and meal venues, as anticipated at last years AGM. Playing numbers remained constant, there having been 116 attendances in both of the last two years. In order to keep costs down it is necessary to be careful about the expenditure on prizes. Forward-deposits remain high. Andrew said that one club had requested a deposit of £200.00!! Andrew emphasised that we a non profit making organisation, and any increase in match day fees are only brought about by increased charges to the society.

Geoff and Tanya Ecclestone of the Crown Hotel have generously replaced the missing trophy. The lost cup has been replaced with a silver salver and all previous winners have their names engraved on it.

Mark spoke on behalf of the auditors, and proposed the adoption of the accounts for the 2000/2001 year. Gordon Shirreffs seconded the proposal and it was carried unanimously on a show of hands. Andrew thanked the auditors for their efforts. He then explained to the meeting that Stuart is moving to live in Bracknell. Although he wishes to remain a member of the society, Stuart feels unable to continue as auditor. Neil Fraser volunteered to take the vacant position of auditor. On a show of hands both he and Mark were elected for the ensuing year.

Andrew Hunter and Peter Cotterill offered themselves for re-election as officers of the society. There being no other proposals, both officers were automatically accepted without the need for a formal vote.

2002 Programme
Andrew introduced the programme for the coming year and pointed out that it can be found on the Aldbourne web site and in the forthcoming issue of The Dabchick. He informed the meeting that we are to visit 3 new clubs, 4 including the venue for the club championship. Andrew further informed those present that the match dates will vary slightly from the established routine in that the first match will take place on 17th March, (two weeks earlier than previously) and the May match has been brought forward to the last weekend in April to take advantage of a good offer from Bowood. This rearrangement keeps May clear for those going on the trip to Launceston.

Peter remarked that we have now played at 20 different clubs. He had brought a printed list with him and invited members to indicate their preferences for return visits or inform him of any new venues that we should consider in the future.

Launceston Tour Update
Peter said that 22 people had booked to go to Launceston, of which 18 were golfers. The format for play would be the same as the previous occasion; 9 holes Friday afternoon, 9 and 18 on Saturday, and 18 on Sunday.

Any Other Business
Mark reminded Andrew that an explanation of the system used to adjust handicaps should have been circulated with the minutes of the previous AGM. Andrew apologised for the oversight and detailed the method used. Whilst being based loosely on the club system, our system allows for a greater amount of movement, felt to be necessary in view of the relatively small number of meetings. Andrew assured the members that an explanation would accompany the minutes this year, and requested members to act honourably by informing him if their club handicaps were reduced significantly below their society one.

Finally, Mark proposed a vote of thanks to Andrew, Peter and Jill.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.02pm.