Dabchick Golf 2020 – Comp 3, The Manor House, Castle Combe

By Keith DArcy Ryan

Well the wet weather certainly threatened our 3rd Competition of 2020, however the forecast was correct that it would improve and as I write this report I’m still amazed at how the course stood up to that amount of rainfall. A months rain in 2 days I understand yet the course was perfect to play and not a puddle on any green or unplayable fairway, The Manor House is a beautiful course but it also proved its a ‘proper’ course that can stand up to the conditions. To put it simply we were a ‘lucky’ 13.

After some handicap adjustments over coffee the 13 golfers made their way to the 1st tee to compete for the title of Autumn Master 2020, a certain individual suddenly realised he’d fogotten his golf shoes! So Clifford Snashall bought a 3rd pair of golf shoes in the past 10 days, old age Clive?Thankfully he did bring his caddie Ernie to ensure he could navigate around the course ok!

Steve Lock joined us for the day after travelling over from Weston-super-mare, Reuben White continued his journey back into golf and I have to add the buried head trophy didn’t come on the journey with myself and Pete Keen – we really didn’t want to be anywhere near the thing!

The results.


And so even with the handicap cut Matt ‘Remoulds’ ‘Lance’ Reynolds makes it two on the bounce, congratulations Matt, defending his Claret Jug won last year. A winning score of 35 points, playing off 16. Second place was John Bulson who scored 34 points playing off 8, and 3rd Place with 32 points was Mr New Shoes Snashall with 32 points – well played gents, and congratulations on joining Simon Barett, Chris Faulkner, Matt Reynolds and Harry in qualifying for the end of season finals day.

Matt receiving his congratulations from Captain D’Arcy.

Looking through the scores we had 4 players in the ‘Birdie’ club, Clive, Rich Simpson and Darrell with 1 each, and ‘he’s younger than he looks’ John Bulson with 2!

And to round of the award celebration to great relief of Captain D’Arcy was his presentation to the man who’s returned to golf Reuben White winning The Buried Head trophy – the hardest working golfer of the day with not his greatest score! Great back 9 though Mr White.

Watch this space for more Comps coming soon, dates to be annonced very shortly.

Cheers Captain