The 2015 Dabchick Season

By Doc

Dates for your Diary

Welcome to the 2015 Dabchick Golf Season – we had a great year in 2014 culminating in Kim and Clive winning the Club Championship with an incredible 50pts. We also saw David (Dave 5) Newham with his breakthrough victory at the Autumn Masters. The other qualifiers were won by some of the usual suspect – Clive, Me (Doc) & Allen. As expected, Pete Keen got in the frame at the Society Shield and there were some strong performances from Nick Bowley, Anne Cooke and Neil Smith – where was Barty last year?

Who are the ones to watch for this year? Chris Paget is looking good with his new kit and his new motivational coach! Could this be the year for Wrighty to smash it or maybe for the male halves of the Niblock and Cooke households to out-shine their wives? It might be our genial host, Alan, with his ‘Pink Wand’ – expect some big things from Messers. Collister and D’Arcy Ryan this year too. Or how about the more established members; Graham Cook,  Clive Penny, Vic, Barney, Andy Crozier and Donald are all due a victory. We have some brand new members threating to join up including Lee Baigent and what about Mark and Brian, can they make some meetings this year?  It may even be time for the people we haven’t seen for a year or two – the Hunters, the Tyacks or Richard Bungey and Stuart Skelsey: so many unanswered questions.

There is one question, I can answer – where and when are we playing this year. Here are the dates and venues for the 2015 season – I’ve gone for a mix of Friday’s and Sundays in an effort to accommodate everyone.

Spring Warm-up Ogbourne Downs Sunday 12 April
Spring Cup The Wiltshire Friday 15 May
Midsummer Open Newbury & Crookham Sunday 21 June
Society Shield Sandford Springs Friday 7 August
Autumn Masters West Berks Sunday 6 September
Finals Day Tidworth (Provisional) Friday 2 October
Christmas Cracker Ogbourne Downs Friday 4 December

All that’s left to do is a handicap review – oh yes! Looking forward to seeing you out on the Course.

David ‘Doc’ Watson