AGM Minutes 2004

By Doc
Minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday 25th May 2004 at the Crown Hotel, Aldbourne

Financial Position
Andrew opened the meeting and gave a review of the accounts. He immediately advised the meeting that the accounts had not yet been audited, but an audited balance sheet would be circulated with the minutes. It was explained that turnover was lower this year due mainly to a slight drop in membership subscriptions and around 40 less playing attendances. Forward deposits are considerably lower than in previous years as Andrew has only booked one match pending the appointment of new organisers. He emphasised that this decrease in deposits masked the fact that we are holding about £200 less than at this stage in 2003. He further explained that it is difficult to set a budget at the beginning of a year when it is unknown how many people would attend each match, but was pleased to confirm that the membership fee of £8.00 could be maintained although the new organisers would have to review the match fees for the forthcoming season.

Please note: Would all those wishing to renew membership please forward their subscriptions to Andrew by 30th June latest. Send cheques (payable to The Dabchick Golf Society) to Valley View, Poulton Hill, Marlborough, SN8 1AZ

P.S. Mark Evill has subsequently audited the accounts and found them to be in a satisfactory state. A signed copy of the balance sheet is available for inspection. Mark is willing to continue as auditor and Peter Cotterill has agreed to fill the gap left by Neil Fraser.

Andrew confirmed that he would be unable to continue in the role of organiser, and apologised to the meeting for having to stand down sooner than expected. He ascertained that it is the wish of the members present to keep the society in existence. There then followed a short discussion during which Roger Tyack and Donald Barnes indicated their willingness to organise the society. A formal proposal by Jill Hunter, seconded by Andrew Hunter, produced a unanimous show of hands in favour of Roger and Donald. Andrew offered his assistance to the new organisers, as did several other members.

2004 Programme
Andrew confirmed the single booking he has made. Following an earlier recommendation by Vic Smith, the all day meeting will take place at Chipping Norton Golf Club on Tuesday 17th August 2004. It was apparent that the use of the Ramsbury Community Bus had been popular during 2003 and we may use it for future events, although it is not available for our August gathering.

Any Other Business
There were no items raised under this heading, but a vote of thanks to the outgoing organisers was proposed by Stuart Skelsey. The meeting closed at 7.45pm.