AGM Minutes 2003

By Doc
Minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday 25th February 2003 at Raffles Restaurant, Aldbourne

Financial Position
Andrew opened the meeting and gave a review of the accounts. The accounts had been audited and approved by Mark and Neil. It was explained that turnover was slightly lower but this was due mostly to the absence of income from clothing orn sponsorship, both of which had been a feature of last year’s balance sheet. Playing numbers remained constant at around 120 attendances over the six matches. Forward deposits remain the same as the previous year. Andrew emphasised that we a non profit making organisation, and any increase in the sum held by the organisation would be put back into the society by way of stabilized match and meal fees. He further explained that it is difficult to set a budget at the beginning of a year when it is unknown how many people would attend each match, but was pleased to confirm that the membership fee of £8.00 and the typical match fee of around £32.00 could be maintained throughout the forthcoming season.

Mark spoke on behalf of the auditors, and proposed the adoption of the accounts for the year ended 31st Jan 2003. Neil seconded the proposal and it was carried unanimously on a show of hands. Andrew thanked the auditors for their efforts.

Andrew Hunter and Peter Cotterill offered themselves for re-election as officers of the society. There being no other proposals, both officers were automatically accepted without the need for a formal vote. Andrew had circulated a notice of his and Peter’s intention to stand down from office within the next two years. Following a short discussion, Neil Fraser offered to take on the role of Treasurer, and Stuart Skelsey offered to assume the position of Handicap Secretary. Roger Tyack said he would be willing to consider playing some part in the future organisation of the society and this will be discussed at some later date.

2003 Programme
Andrew introduced the programme for the coming year. He explained that a number of clubs had changed their approach to societies playing and eating elsewhere, and as a result he had been offered some very attractive prices to remain at the club to eat. In view of this, we will break with tradition and eat at three of the venues this year instead of just the usual one. Andrew also announced had had booked The Ramsbury Community Bus for the meeting in May at Monmouth, which seemed to be a popular idea. He also announced that the food venue following the December meeting would be the Gulshan Indian Restaurant in Shrivenham, which also seemed to gain broad approval.

Any Other Business
There were no items raised under this heading, but a vote of thanks to the organisers was proposed by Mark. The meeting closed at 7.45pm.