AGM Minutes 1996

By Doc

An Annual General Meeting of the Dabchick Golf Society was held in the Crown Hotel, Aldbourne, on Tuesday 27th. February 1996.

Those present were;

Nick Leigh, David Birch, Mike Rycroft, Chris Paget, Matthew Phillips, Eddie Phillips, Andy Holbrow, Nick Turk, Donald Barnes, Vic Smith, Paul Wordley, Terry Hale, Paul Lott, Andrew Hunter, David Watson.


Jill Baker, Ceri Hanlon.

The meeting opened at 7.20 pm. Andrew Hunter presented a financial statement (copy enclosed). The statement was agreed and accepted unanimously.

David Watson set out the original objectives of the society, principally ‘To be a society of friends who enjoyed playing golf as opposed to a “serious” golfing society.’ It was agreed that this objective had been met in the first year and should continue unchanged.

It was agreed that the regular players would contribute a £5.00 administration fee towards the running of the society. Those who paid would pay a slightly lower match day fee than casual players or guests. In addition, only those player who had made the agreed contribution would be eligible to win the Society Trophies. It was agreed that all of those who wished to contribute, would do so before the end of March. (Please post the money in the envelope provided through Andrew’s door).

Donald Barnes raised the issue of insurance and the Society’s potential liability. Andrew Hunter promised to investigate the position.

It was agreed not to elect any formal officers, however, it was unanimously agreed that Andrew Hunter and David Watson would continue to administer the Society’s affairs on behalf of the members. Matthew Phillips offered to become involved in helping Andrew and David and this offer was welcomed.

After some discussion, it was agreed that there should be four competition meetings and a Christmas meeting during 1996. David Watson advised that two dates had been provisionally booked for May 12th. and June 13th. It was subsequently proposed by Vic Smith and unanimously accepted, that a warm up meeting be arranged for April. David and Andrew agreed to book the six planned fixtures and distribute the dates with the minutes of the meeting. It was further agreed that other ad hoc fixtures could easily be arranged as requested. Mike Rycroft proposed that a list of members’ telephone numbers should be circulated to enable players to arrange games.

Vic Smith told everyone that a challenge had been issued by the Red Lion for an inter-society match. It was agreed to pursue this provided it was not an elitist event. Paul Lott proposed that one of the competitions might be held in a pairs format. After some discussion, and a suggestion by David Watson, it was agreed that we would try out a Society Pairs Championship. The pairs would be decided by finishing positions in each of the four Society Trophy Days. The highest placed 24-28 handicapper would be paired with the winner of the Trophy. If the Trophy is won by a player with a handicap between 24 and 28, the next best placed 24-28 handicapper will be paired with the winner. Each member is, obviously, only eligible for one place each!!! It was agreed that this knock out competition would be played over two rounds on one day closely following the Autumn meeting and the green fees would be paid from Society funds.

David Birch asked for the formula used to determine handicaps to be explained. David Watson explained that the points on the day were calculated back to full handicap. Players automatically have their handicaps reduced by 0.5 of a stroke per point scored over 36. Any players handicap. whose points total is within six points of the winner’s score, where the winner’s score is 35 or less is unchanged. If the winners score is 36 points or greater, any player scoring 30 points or more will also remain unchanged. The remainder of players on the day will have their handicap increase by 0.5 strokes if maximum allowable handicap rules permit. In addition the winner of any Trophy would carry an additional 2 stroke penalty into their next Trophy Competition.

Nick Leigh asked what the maximum handicap allowances were, it was explained that these were 28 for male players and 36 for female players. Nick declined to take any action that might enable him (her) to be eligible for a 36 handicap!

The meeting thanked Andrew and David for their efforts to date and insisted that reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of the Society should be reimbursed.

The meeting closed at 8.10 pm.

The following dates have now been booked, please make a note of them in your diaries. Reminders will be issued nearer the time.

Sunday 14th. April Shrivenham 1.00 pm

Sunday 12th. May Wotton Bassett – Spring Cup 1.30 pm

Thursday 13th. June Marlborough – Midsummer Trophy 2.30 pm

Saturday 31st. August Erlstoke – Summer Open 1.00 pm

Saturday 12th. October Donnington – Autumn Masters 1.00 pm

Sunday 8th. December Shrivenham – Festive Fayre 10.00 am

If you could let Andrew or I know a soon as possible about Shrivenham on 14th. April. As this is not a competition day, there will only be smaller token prizes. The cost for the day will be £14.00 per player. I shall arrange dinner at one of the pubs in the village if enough people are interested.