AGM Minutes 2001

By Doc

Minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday 26th February 2001 at The Blue Boar Public House, Aldbourne

Financial Position
Andrew opened the meeting and gave a review of the accounts. The accounts, which had been audited by Mark and Stuart, had been circulated with the notice of the AGM. It was explained that turnover was lower due to a smaller membership, as anticipated at last years AGM. In order to keep costs down it is necessary to be careful about the expenditure on prizes. Forward-deposits are a key feature of the accounts, which need to be viewed in the light of the extra expenditure.

There is one bad debt that represents money not recovered from an individual who committed to an event but failed to pay when unable to attend. It was emphasised that everyone incurs costs in these circumstances. It was stressed that members are expected to reimburse the society for any costs incurred on behalf of their guests. Bookings are currently taken on trust but should bad debts escalate then this would have to be reviewed.

A refund of 50p was made to Pete Stones for an overpayment at one of the events.

Nick Leigh asked if the accounts reflected a trend of increasing forward deposits. Andrew considered that this was unlikely and was caused this year by a programme with fairly prestigious venues. Liquidity was not seen as an immediate problem and the small increase in the membership fee from £7.50 to £8.00 is expected to have addressed any liquidity issues.

Membership last year stood at 32. Andrew reported that he had sent the new programme to previous members and guests, which had resulted in Dave Fletcher joining the society.

Mark spoke on behalf of the auditors, and proposed the adoption of the accounts for the 2000/2001 year. Nick Leigh seconded the proposal and it was carried unanimously on a show of hands.

Andrew Hunter and Peter Cotterill offered themselves for re-election as officers of the society. There being no other proposals, both officers were automatically accepted without the need for a formal vote. Stuart Skelsey and Mark Evill had both agreed to undertake the function of audit team for the ensuing year.

Thanks were expressed for Jill’s invaluable help without which society would not run smoothly.

2001 Programme
Andrew introduced the programme for the coming year as ‘probably the most exciting in the 5-year history’ and pointed out that it can be found on the Aldbourne web site and in The Dabchick. Tracy Park, Sunday 7th October, has been requested to allow the society to play the course that was not played in its entirety on the previous society visit. As it is extremely difficult to get dates at Burford G.C. Andrew was proud to announce that the all day event will be held there on Wednesday 1st August. The date has been dictated by availability at the club. The society returns to Shrivenham Park at Christmas, Sunday 2nd December, where it gets an extremely good deal, which helps cash flow, and there is little likelihood of not playing. The Club Championship has been booked at Marlborough on Saturday 20th October. Hinksey Heights, just south of Oxford, has been booked for Bank Holiday Monday, 7th May. In response to demand, West Berks G.C. has been booked for Sunday 17th June. The year begins with a return to Bowood on Sunday 25th March and a change from tradition in that a full English breakfast will be served before the golf but no evening meal has been arranged. There will just be a presentation of prizes.

Any Other Business
In view of the excellent way the society members had been looked after at Trethorne and the stunning meals provided, Andrew reported that a letter of thanks had been sent.

In view of the fact that organising a golfing weekend involves a great deal of effort, Andrew proposed that the society consider an event for May 2002. 18/19 May were proposed as dates. Barnes had provided a provisional answer about a trip to SE Ireland but were experiencing difficulty in getting such advanced information. Very approximate costs were £200. This would involve leaving Thursday evening and sleeping on the coach/ferry; golf on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; return on 9:00am ferry on Monday. The members gave the idea broad approval but it was suggested that for comparative purposes a trip to northern France should also be considered. Andrew undertook to respond with further details.

Andrew had received prices and details of an expanded range of items from the golf shirt supplier. Details are to be provided with the minutes. Andrew suggested that 20/25 items would make it viable at around £10 per item and a choice of colours was available on the order form.

The AGM has traditionally been on a Tuesday due to Bob’s commitments. It was proposed that the AGM might be held on a Thursday.

It was suggested that playing in handicap order worked well. If this were done at each event a member would only play with a small group over the year. It was stressed that it was incumbent on the members to keep play going.

Andrew is to provide a brief explanation of the handicap rules with the minutes. The rules have been altered, handicaps are adjusted if over 36 points are scored, winners carrying a two shot penalty into the next event, but now the runner-up will carry a one shot penalty into the next event.

Nick Leigh expressed concern that membership fees do not cover advance fees and suggested an increase from £8.00 to £10.00. Andrew stated that the expenditure was covered in the accounts and may well reduce. An increase was not thought to be necessary this year and if membership of 32/35 is maintained the costs should be covered.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.10pm.