Method used to Adjust Handicaps

By Doc

(Much debate about handicaps was put to bed in the early day of the society – in 2001, with the addition of new members, this was issued for clarification – clear as mud?)

The method used by the society organisers to adjust members’ handicaps is based loosely on the scheme employed by the English Golf Union, and applied at most clubs throughout the country. Our society method of calculation varies slightly from that and should result in sufficient movement of a player’s handicap to give everybody a chance of winning at a tournament, bearing in mind that we only play a relatively small number of games in a season.

The calculation applied is as follows:-

At any competition it is likely that a proportion of actual handicap will be allowed, usually 7/8ths. The strokes deducted are added back on to a players score to give a gross figure. Each player’s gross score will then fall into one of three categories resulting in the following handicap adjustments.

A re-calculated score of 37 or above:
0.5 of a stroke deducted from handicap for each point greater than 36.

A re-calculated score of 30 to 36:
No handicap adjustment.

A re-calculated score of 0 to 29:
A single addition of 0.3 of a stroke to handicap provided the new handicap does not exceed normal maximums i.e. 28 for men and 45 for ladies.

For example, a player with an exact handicap of 26.3 (playing 26) will receive 23 strokes. Let’s assume the player scores 35 points. The 3 strokes are then added to the score of 35 which then totals 38. Half a stroke for each point above 36 is deducted from handicap. New exact handicap 25.3, playing 25

In a second example, the same player scores 31 points. The 3 strokes are added back on and the re-calculated score of 34 results in no change to handicap.

Still with the same player, if the score returned was 22 the re-calculated score would be 25. To the handicap, 0.3 would be added resulting in a new exact handicap of 26.6 and a new playing handicap of 27.

The winner of each trophy competition carries a 2 stroke penalty into the next trophy competition in which they play and the runner-up will carry a similar one shot penalty. Neither of these is valid at the club championship meeting.

Decisions concerning the alteration of handicaps at the Spring warm-up and Festive Fayre meetings will be made by the organisers, on the day, according to the prevailing weather conditions.